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The basics of being an author

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How does it work? operates as a user-friendly platform, revolutionizing the way artists and art enthusiasts connect. Artists can easily showcase their masterpieces by creating personalized profiles and uploading their artwork. Emphasizing creative freedom, allows artists to set their own prices without any exclusivity lock-ins, empowering them to reach a global audience.

Art enthusiasts and buyers can explore a diverse array of original artworks, ensuring a unique and fulfilling art-buying experience. The website's instant delivery feature guarantees prompt and secure transactions worldwide, adding convenience and reliability for both artists and buyers.

For artists, the platform offers comprehensive tools to track statistics, sales, and audience engagement, helping them understand their market and improve their strategies. Efficient support management ensures artists can promptly address customer inquiries, fostering strong relationships within the community.

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The rules prides itself on fostering a supportive and respectful community for artists and art enthusiasts. To maintain this positive environment, certain rules and guidelines are in place.

  1. Originality: Only original artwork is permitted for sale, respecting intellectual property rights.

  2. Non-Discrimination: The platform encourages inclusivity and prohibits any form of discrimination.

  3. Quality Standards: Artworks must meet certain quality criteria to ensure a standard of excellence.

  4. Transparent Pricing: Artists must set fair prices for their creations, avoiding price manipulation.

  5. Legal Compliance: Users must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding art sales.

  6. Respectful Communication: All interactions should be respectful, fostering a friendly atmosphere.

  7. No Plagiarism: Artistic plagiarism is strictly prohibited to safeguard artists' creativity.

  8. Authentic Profiles: Users must provide accurate information on their profiles for credibility.

  9. Supportive Feedback: Constructive criticism is encouraged, but harsh or harmful comments are not tolerated.

  10. Adherence to Terms: All users must comply with the website's terms of service and policies.

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